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“How can I, unless someone explains to me?” (Acts 8:31). With these words the Ethiopian expressed to Philip a very common need that we find among believers. Believers are constantly being told to read the Bible, to study it, and to create daily reading habit of it. But find very little resources that can teach them, and train them on how to read, study, understand, and interpret the Bible. The purpose of the Galilean Theological Center is to respond to those needs. Just like the Ethiopian, the Hispanic/Latino faith community is searching for a space and a place that can help them read, understand, and interpret, the Bible. This is precisely what the Galilean Theological Center intends to do. Affiliated with Ashland Theological Seminary the Galilean Theological Center provides introductory theological education for ministry and leadership in Hispanic/Latino churches and communities. Generally, the Hispanic/Latino community does not have access to traditional ministerial and theological institutions due to language barriers, socio-economic status, and/or educational level. Through its Diploma Program, taught in Spanish or Bilingual, courses are designed to help clergy and lay leaders strengthen the faith and witness of churches in Hispanic/Latino communities throughout the North East Ohio.

This program is also open to individuals who wish to obtain educational opportunities for personal and community enrichment. We welcome students of all religious and denominational backgrounds and normally require participation in a local Hispanic/Latino congregation or a context in which Hispanic/Latino ministry is important. A baccalaureate degree is not required for admission to the program. If God has called you to equip yourself for His service, the Galilean Theological Center can be the place for you

About Us

We are an institution with strong ministerial and leadership focus seeking to assist those who have been called by God and have developed an irresistible urge to serve the church and the community.  We are located at the heart of the Westside area in Cleveland, Ohio where there is a large concentration of Hispanic/Latinos and churches. Our services are intentionally directed towards the Spanish speaking community of God that generally does not have access to traditional institutions whose focus is ministerial formation, often because of language barriers, socio-economic status, and educational level. The Galilean Theological Center is currently preparing men and women whose goal is to earn a graduate degree from Ashland Theological Seminary.
Our focus is to train and develop leaders for the Hispanic-Latino Church in the 21st century.  We specialize in offering educational conversations, seminars, lectureships and courses on matters that relate to Hispanic-Latino religious history, theology, biblical interpretations, experiences, beliefs, contributions and achievements.

Today with the social ills that plague the Hispanic-Latino community it has become more difficult to address than ever before.  Identity, poverty, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, school drop-out rates, alcoholism, drug abuse, HIV-Aids, illegal immigration, sexism, classism, and racism are a few of the problems and social ills that are currently affecting the Hispanic-Latino community.  There is a need for a group of called, trained Christians to effectively minister to the Hispanic-Latino community in a holistic manner. At the Galilean Theological Center, Hispanic/Latino clergy and laity have found a space and a place to deal with these issues.

Goals & Objectives

To provide ministerial training and sound theological formation to Hispanic/Latino church leaders who generally do not have access to traditional ministerial or theological formation institutions due to language barriers, socio-economic status and/or formal educational level.  Our goal is for students to earn a graduate degree from Ashland Theological Seminary.

Mission Statement

To provide introductory theological education, training, and job-readiness skills for ministry, leadership and employment in the Hispanic-Latino churches through a two-year accredited diploma program.

Vision Statement

Transforming communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through sound and theologically formed Hispanic/Latino leadership.

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